Sensabaugh Tunnel

Sensabaugh tunnel… is a place many East Tennessee locals consider to be extremely haunted.. they say if you drive to the middle of the tunnel and turn your car and the lights off that you may hear strange sounds such as babies crying, a goat bleat, and screams. When you try to turn your car on to flee it wont start back up, and you’ll be stuck in the middle of the tunnel frantically turning your key to escape the darkness.


One variation of the story of why the tunnel is haunted is that allegedly a hobo killed a baby in or around the tunnel during a robbery. Another variation is that Ed Sensabaugh, the man who lived in a house beside the tunnel went insane and slayed his entire family, and then went to the tunnel to end his own life. My friend Bill Lancaster of Bilco Productions lives in Bristol Tennessee, and was very familiar with the tunnel, and had been going there since he was a kid. The story he remembered was that a farmers wife went crazy, drowing her babies in the tunnel and then killing herself. Bill had an experience there when he was younger… he and his friends had driven into the tunnel and turned their car off not totally in the center of it. When his friend tried to start the car it wouldn’t crank, but it began rolling backwards to the middle of the tunnel. Finally it started and they high tailed it out of there. Later he and his friend revealed that they had both seen a black goat when coming out of the other end of the tunnel. Bill had an interesting experience while filming at Sensabaugh for his upcoming documentary Paranormal Bigfoot. His drone camera was experiencing some strange malfunctions as his wife Amy walked through the tunnel. There should be no way the camera should be doing this, unless someone was controlling it to do so… even so I’m not sure someone could even replicate this. During the feeling of it his wife said she heard a goat, and he had never even told her that story.

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